• Tool: Electric drill / Screwdriver

    Rotation speed: among 400~1300rpms (middle speed approx. 850rpms)

    Torque approx. 27~42 kgf‧mm (PS: The foregoing data is suggestion that could be adjusted by user after well experienced in setting procedure.)

    Driver: Phillips / Pozi bit #2 Screw:M4x55mm

  • 1

    Put anchor into the bit of electric drill, pressing anchor tip heavily into drywall.

    Applying pressure, pierce the surface paper of drywall.

    Then forcing anchor tip into inside of drywall approximately 3mm.

    (PS: Thicknesses of drywall available are 3/8" to 1/2".)

  • 2

    Press the trigger of electric drill rotating clockwisely.

    Before using force to screw anchor into drywall, pay attention to the rotation speed of electric drill.

    While the top flange of anchor is close to the surface of drywall then releasing the trigger of electric drill slightly.

    Adjusting rotation speed to adapt the front edge of the lip for sitting flush with the surface of drywall.

    It means the anchor is fully inserted, electric drill could be removed from anchor.

    (PS: If the strength of using force is unsufficient, anchor could cause rotation and shake easily. )

  • 3

    Put the exclusive screw into the bit of electric drill.

    Make sure you first put the screw through the hole of the thing you're hanging to the wall.

    (example: wooden board or attachment)

    Insert screw through attachment to be hung and put into the bit hole of anchor.

    (PS: Thicknesses of hanged attachment available is around 6.5mm.)

    If the thickness of hanged attachment is more than 6.5mm, please use M4 chipboard screw lengths over 55mm. Loaded suggestion : 25kg

  • 4

    Press the trigger of electric drill, drive a screw into the end until flush approximately 6~8 seconds.

    Electric drill could be removed from screw while the rotating appears idling.

    (PS: Drive a screw into the anchor which will become "twist" once as petals when the screw goes in half way.It indicates that the anchor is secure, providing much more support. )