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Changhua No.1 Factory
● Changhua No.1 Factory                                                                                                                                        ● Taichung Office(CBD) 

Founded in Chung Hua, Taiwan in 1985, J.C.Y. Masterpiece Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd. Originally owned and operated a plastic injection factory and screw factory. In the 1998s fixing and fasteners become the primary focus of the company. Construction fasteners emerged a main production line. Since 2008 the company expand its product line while creating, designing and bringing to the market its own fastener and fastener –relatedproducts.

Since the 2010 the company has grown from a strong local and regional player to an established International provider. Masterpiece Hardware original equipted manufacturing big international brand of fixing and fasteners worldwide. And distributing in the Whole European countries and Finland, Northern America, Canada, serving thousands of stores worldwide.

Masterpiece Hardware is an independent, second genaration family-owned and operated business.


Masterpiece Hardware was founded in Chung Hua in 1985 by Mr. Wang. At the time, Masterpiece Hardware  was started to produce building hardware like hook, bracket, lace, …..etc, exported to Northern America market for a decade. Masterpiece Hardware was the largest manufacturer of building hardware in the middle of Taiwan. With the help from their son Rick and Kenny, started a business of Fixing and Fasteners fabrication to the whole European countries and Northern America.

Masterpiece Hardware obtained certification of ISO 9001 in 2006, invited ERP system to fully computerized management . purchased automatic packaging machine to expand their packing capacity. In 2011, Masterpiece applied normal value to Canadian Officer for 12,000 sku without levy on the anti-dumping duty in Canadian market.

In 2013, Masterpiece Hardware obtained a supplier's award gold metal for highest honor from German customer.


With the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the sky's the limit. An automated manufacturing screw facilities established in late of 2018 in Head quarters Chung Hua, With existing lights-out factory, several technologies are employed to eliminate or reduce the need for human interference. Using automated robots to replace human labor in operation. When done right, they increase throughput while also reducing injuires, overhead, and labors cost. They have more benefit, yields greater asset efficiency, detects quality defects, assures safety and sustainability.


Our extensive packaging services ensure you benefit from our 3000 items product range. We offer loose bulk shipment, as well as cardboard box packaging, poly bag.