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Masterpiece Hardware Industrial is also a wood screw manufacturer and suppiler in Taiwan. The wood screws include solid brass wood screw, twin thread cross head c/sunk wood screws, twin thread slotted c/sunk wood screw, round head wood screws, brass countersunk wood screws (countersunk), brass woodscrews (pan head), etc.

Features of Brass Wood Screws:

  • Smooth shank allow wood for tight joint.
  • Taper along the threaded part optimizing the screws holding power in wood.
  • Flat head screws countersunk into the wood for a smooth wood surface area.
  • Steel is zinc plated for moderate protection against rust.
  • Stainless steel 18-8 - an alloy of steel with high corrosion resistance.
  • An alloy of copper with good corrosion resistance.
  • Brass wood screw is used mostly in decorative application.

Features of Wood Screws:

  • Hardened
  • Bright zinc plated,
  • Recessed, twin thread wood screw offering exceptional driving and expansion.