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  • Chipboard Screws
  • Chipboard Screws
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Chipboard Screws:

  • Head style: flat head
  • Drive style: Torx
  • Thread style: full thread
  • Material: carbon steel
  • Finish: yellow zinc plated

Application of Chipboard Screws:

  • Excellent for softwood & chipboards.
  • Deep, sharp, single thread for cutting cleanly through wood.
  • Superior quality & heat-treatement for resistance to snapping.
especificaciones del producto
Code Number Sizes Code Number Sizes
cbs312 M3×12 cbs4535 M4.5×35
cbs316 M3×16 cbs4540 M4.5×40
cbs320 M3×20 cbs4545 M4.5×45
cbs325 M3×25 cbs4550 M4.5×50
cbs340 M3×40 cbs4560 M4.5×60
cbs3512 M3.5×12 cbs4570 M4.5×70
cbs3516 M3.5×16 cbs4580 M4.5×80
cbs3520 M3.5×20 cbs520 M5×20
cbs3525 M3.5×25 cbs525 M5×25
cbs3530 M3.5×30 cbs530 M5×30
cbs3535 M3.5×35 cbs535 M5×35
cbs3540 M3.5×40 cbs540 M5×40
cbs3545 M3.5×45 cbs545 M5×45
cbs3550 M3.5×50 cbs550 M5×50
cbs412 M4×12 cbs560 M5×60
cbs416 M4×16 cbs570 M5×70
cbs420 M4×20 cbs580 M5×80
cbs425 M4×25 cbs590 M5×90
cbs430 M4×30 cbs640 M6×40
cbs435 M4×35 cbs645 M6×45
cbs440 M4×40 cbs650 M6×50
cbs445 M4×45 cbs660 M6×60
cbs450 M4×50 cbs670 M6×70
cbs460 M4×60 cbs680 M6×80
cbs4516 M4.5×16 cbs690 M6×90
cbs4520 M4.5×20 cbs6100 M6×100
cbs4525 M4.5×25 cbs6110 M6×110
cbs4530 M4.5×30 cbs6120 M6×120