• Put hollow wall anchor into the bit of electric drill, pressing anchor drilling tip heavily into drywall.

    Applying pressure, pierce the surface paper of drywall.

    Press the trigger of electric drill rotating clockwisely.

    Then forcing anchor drilling tip into inside of drywall.

    (PS: Thicknesses of drywall available are 3/8" to 1/2".)

  • Before using force to screw anchor into drywall, pay attention to the rotation speed of electric drill.

    While anchor is drilled in only about a third of whole-length, then stop pressing the trigger of electric drill immediately.

    At the moment, the anchor has completely drilled through the drywall.

    Push forward the body of anchor through the drywall.

    And put the two sharp points on collar of anchor to be firmly embedded in the inside of drywall until the collar is flush with the drywall surface.

  • Go on to press the trigger of electric drill, drive the screw into the end until you feel strong resistance then releasing the trigger of electric drill slightly.

    (When you felt strong resistance, the top of anchor has pulled back, body of the anchor has began to fold and spread its arms as triangular cross shaped against the back of the drywall.

    It indicates that the anchor is secure, providing much more support.)

  • Back the screw out of the anchor sleeve. Put the screw into the bit of electric drill.

    Make sure you first put the screw through the hole of the thing you're hanging to the wall.

    (example: wooden board or fixture)

    Insert screw through fixture to be hung and put into the center hole of anchor.

    (PS: Thicknesses of hanged attachment available are 6.5~10mm. )

  • Pressing the trigger of electric, drive a screw into the end until you feel strong resistance.

    It means the fixture is fixed, electric drill could be removed from screw.